Orthokeratology, also known as ‘Ortho-k’, is a safe, painless, non-surgical, and reversible method to vision correction. It involves wearing a customized FDA-approved gas permeable lens only to sleep at night to gently reshape your cornea. Just like night time dental retainers, it allows proper alignment to occur so that light can be redirected properly onto your retina. This allows for clear 20/20 vision when you wake up without needing glasses or contacts throughout the day.

Why does my vision get worse over time?

Refractive conditions causes blurry vision and can result from longer, shorter, or irregularly shaped eyes.  The most common condition is myopia, which can start during childhood but continue to increase into your adult years.  It is caused by mostly genetics but environmental factors as well. Recent studies have showed a new generational increase in myopia proportionate with an increased use of computer and mobile devices.

Why should I consider ortho-k over Lasik or standard contacts?

The shape of the eyes may change every year, which can make certain individuals less suitable candidates for LASIK surgery. Ortho-k is reversible and non-invasive, which means you can consider LASIK once your prescription becomes stable even after therapy.

Ortho-k is the only FDA-approved method to address myopia ‘nearsightedness’ progression from worsening each year.  The sooner you start the better, but Ortho-K is suitable for all ages. It can also help with dry eyes and allergies caused by contacts as well as the need for reading glasses caused by presbyopia.

How does it work?

A modern software will be used to calculate your corneal mapping kind of like a fingerprint and used to design a set of customized lens for you.  The lens are made of gas permeable material and gently contour the shape of your cornea with tear film technology. Results occur as soon as within one week of starting therapy.

Is Ortho-k right for me?

It is ideal for candidates who have deteriorating vision every year.  It is great for those who want to slow down their nearsightedness, especially children who start early.  It is great for those who do not like to wear glasses or contacts, or live an active lifestyle like playing sports.  Ortho-k is a great option for those who are not candidates for Lasik and those who are presbyopia but do not want to wear readers.

How soon will I see results and how long will it last?

Results can occur as soon as within one week without needing glasses or contacts. Clear vision typically lasts the full day of waking hours.

How much does Ortho-K cost?

Treatments costs vary by individual depending on a number of factors including the shape of the eye and amount of correction required.

The most straightforward way to get a better idea of everything involved is to come in for a free consultation where we can discuss any of your questions and go over details such as expected treatment period, total cost, and payment plans.