I truly believe in the sense a strong community and I’m passionate about creating social events to bridge modern healthcare and members of the community. The purpose is to bring people together ranging from healthcare workers to pre-med students to everyday professionals. We look to create a space to share modern medicine and wellness by connecting attendees with people who inspire, people to relate to, and people to learn from. The events foster meaningful networking and have spanned a range of topics including women’s empowerment, vision, and general wellness events.

If you are a brand interested in hosting an event, please do reach out!


“Eyewear and Optical Industry Networking” hosted at Carrot Eyewear Launch Party

‘Women Empowerment in Medicine' hosted at ModelFIT LA

“Yoga and Healthcare Professional Networking” hosted at Hudson Wellness

*Upcoming event* “Skincare Ingredients and Eye Health” hosted at Fresh Beauty

If you’re interested in future events and happenings, let me know your contact details and I’ll keep you in the loop!

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